Est. 2004

Friends International Lancaster aims to encourage local Christians, from a variety of churches, to welcome, befriend, and offer hospitality to international people who come to study in Lancaster. Although there have been Friends International Staff workers here since 2004, local people have been welcoming international friends ever since the University was established in the 1960s.


As Christians, our hope is to share Christ’s love with international students and, when asked, to take the opportunity to share and explain the Christian message, but this is always within the context of respect for the diversity of backgrounds and beliefs held by all international students we meet.

A New Start

Jamie Haxby is our newly appointed Centre Team Leader here at Friends International Lancaster. Jamie joins us from UCCF and brings years of experience of engaging with students. Jamie is currently raising financial support for his salary. If you feel you would like to contribute, you can do so at the link below, citing Jamie Haxby in the allocation box. Thank you.


If you would like to make a donation to our work, please visit the Friends International Giving Page, decide whether you want to give regularly or a one off gift, then on the next page, enter ‘Friends International Lancaster’ in the allocation box, so that your donation will go to our work here in Lancaster. Thank you.


Our team of staff and volunteers are on hand to help international students adjust to life in the UK, make friends and practice their English.  Come along to any of our events for free and get to know the community.  We are always here for people who need to talk.

We know that lots of international students want to explore the local area whilst they are here studying.  We arrange trips out off campus to go and see the local area so that you can see far more than just the university.